July 2017 - Freedom


July brings us thoughts of freedom as we celebrate July 4th.  We realize how lucky we are to have been born in or moved to a country that allows freedom in so many areas.  Freedom of speech, religion, the press.  The freedom to be who we are. Though freedom for some still needs to be peacefully advocated for, we live in a society that allows us to do that. Maintaining this freedom in our country is imperative.

It is also important for us to cultivate freedom in our lives.  Yoga helps us find the space to be free.  Through regular practice we build a steady base that allows us to fly.  Yoga helps us stay in the present moment, not regretting the past nor worrying about the future.  When we take our yoga off the mat, we realize the lessons of staying present, finding your edge, breathing through sensation pertain to our lives in every moment.

In yoga, the first thing we do in each asana is to find a strong, steady seat or base.  This base allows us to move as freely as we can in the pose.  The same is true in life, when doing anything if we set a steady, strong seat or base - we are able to fly more easily.

For me, I can find that freedom more easily when I am in nature; hiking, running, camping, and yoga.  I feel more in touch with the universe when I am able to do anything of these things outdoors.  Try it.  Find an activity that you can do outside, notice your surroundings and be present in the moment.   Share your experience with us by telling us about your experience on our facebook page.


Free yourself by trying something new.  Join us for SUP Yoga.


It's time for SUP Yoga

No experience necessary, everyone works at their own comfort level.

Ready to get out and enjoy the beauty of Michigan outdoors.  Ready to experience Yoga in a new way.  We are!!  

Eclipse is offering SUP (stand-up paddleboard yoga) this summer.  We provide the boards, paddles, and life vests.

Classes are 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on weather and water conditions.

Our locations and time are as follows:

Pinckney Recreation Area (Silver Lake):
     Every Thursday at 6:30pm,
     starting June 15th and ending August, 24th.

Zukey Lake in Pinckney:
Tuesday evenings at 6:30

There will be no SUP classes the week of July 24th.

SUP is a great way to do yoga, relax and enjoy the wonderful lakes in our backyards.  

The price os SUP does not include the entrance fee to Pinckney recreation area.  A State Park passport is required.the park.  An annual pass is $11.

Check our Facebook page for more details.  You can also sign-up by contacting us at roo@eclipseyoga.net. 

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