Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Love the water? Tired of over 2000 images per day being pushed at you? Unplug, come join us in nature and on the water. Find a new connection with nature. Allow yourself to listen to yourself and your body without electronics. Let yourself enjoy the calm that being on the water can bring.

Being on the water is softer on your body. Especially is you are a runner, you are aware the pounding on your knees and hips running on a hard surface can have on you body. Have an old injury, or maybe a new one? Do you over compensate on one side? The give of the water may help you to alleviate this issue. Be able to get more out of your body and workout. Many things are easier to do on the water than on land. It’s not all about balance. Find your horizon and balance will come. You can still have a new and harder work out if you choose..

Through out the fall (after Labor Day), Paddlefit classes and SUP yoga are held weekly at Silver Lake ((Pinckney Recreation Area, 8555 Silver Hill Rd., Pinckney, MI 48169) and Island Lake State Park (6301 Kensington Rd., Brighton, MI 48116) at the Spring Mill Pond, on the weekends. If you have a group of 4 or more, classes can be on Tuesday and Thursdays beginning after 2pm into the evening. Fill out the contact page or email Roo ( for more details.. Sign up or check out the schedule here.

Eclipse owns our boards, so if you have access to water, we can bring the boards to you. Fill out the contract page to receive more information.

Check out the fun of those who have joined us on the water so far for 2019

Stand Up Paddle Board Offerings


Paddlefit Classes

Take your workout to the water. Full body workout with improved core strength and balance.

Corporate Outdoors

Take a afternoon to restore out in nature. With yoga on the lawn or on water

SUP Yoga

Allow yourself a new element to your yoga - water. Allow the mind to calm more out in nature.

Things to know about SUP

First and foremost…

  • IT’S FUN!!!!!

  • It’s Safe

  • Works your core

  • Improves your balance

  • Lets you practice in nature

  • Helps you fine tune the balance within you

Yoga Beyond

Private SUP classes. Can be paddling, paddlefit or SUP yoga

Wedding or Bachelorette Party Yoga. Enjoy yoga outdoors, indoors or on the water to help you relax and enjoy your special day more.