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Eclipse Yoga

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Corporate Yoga

·     Looking to increase employee engagement and morale? 

·     Hoping to attract top talent? 

·     Tackling stress in the workplace & create a healthier work force? 

Corporate Yoga helps in all these areas and more.  A Corporate Yoga program benefits both employers and employees.  It is the classic win-win we are always striving for.  Corporate Yoga can decrease stress and increase employee engagement. 

Eclipse Yoga specializes in Corporate Yoga and creating a program that is right for you .Please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how a Corporate Yoga Program can best meet your needs.


Stoked Yogi SUP Yoga Teacher Training
June 2019

Come experience the amazing beauty of Michigan with a Stoked Yogi teacher training at a beautiful private campground with a no-wake lake. Spend your free-time on the beautiful hiking and biking trails, or relaxing on the beach or by the campfire.

This 40-hour immersion into SUP Yoga will provide the skills and confidence you need to take your teaching on the water and provide amazing experiences for your students.

2nd Annual Rest and Relaxation Retreat
June 2019

Join us for a relaxing weekend at a beautiful private cabin campground in Middleville, MI (just north of Kalamazoo). Enjoy a weekend of relaxing in nature, while enjoying yoga, stand-up paddleboard yoga and meditation.

Take time to explore the hiking and biking trails, color in our craft building, or find a quiet place to get away from it all.

Private Lessons

Enjoy the one-on-one attention of private yoga lessons. In these sessions, the instructor creates classes based on your goals and health. Sometimes in our practice, we need different things on different days. In a group setting - you have no control of this - but in a private session - your instructor can change plans to meet changing needs.

Private lessons are great for both the beginner and advanced practitioner. Your lessons can address health limitations, help you create a home-practice, deepen your meditation practice or address other goals you have.