Corporate Yoga

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Corporate Yoga

We Bring Yoga to You

Corporate Yoga - Benefits for your Company. Great for your Employees.

You know that your employees are your greatest capital.  You’re working hard to create or maintain your company culture.  You know how important culture is for a successful business.  You want your employees to be focused, productive and to be a cohesive team in a healthy, successful work environment.

Are you looking for innovative ways to build on your culture and produce positive results for both you and your employees?  Ways that will attract and retain top talent, build team work and reduce stress?  On-site yoga fills this need.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Eclipse Yoga works with your team, starting with breath work.  The breath alone will start to lessen stress and improve focus.  The yoga postures build strength and confidence.  Yoga helps improve overall health: mental, emotional and physical.  These benefits can result in a reduction in time away from work and lower health costs.

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Eclipse Yoga provides bi-weekly or weekly yoga classes on-site making it convenient for you and your employees to reap the benefits of a yoga program. 

Employer Benefits of Corporate Yoga:

·      Reduces health care benefits

·      Boosts employee productivity

·      Decreases stress levels

·      Lowers absenteeism and employee turnover

·      Improves workplace morale and engagement

·      Sharpens employee focus

·      Saves on health care costs

·      Creates a more enjoyable work setting

Employee Benefits of Corporate Yoga:

Mental Benefits:

·      Reduces tension and stress

·      Enhances focus and concentration

·      Builds confidence

·      Calms the mind

·      Improves sleeping patterns

Physical Benefits:

·      Increases energy and physical fitness

·      Helps alleviate discomfort associated with work-related injuries such as carpal tunnel, low back pain and migraines.

·      Improves mobility, flexibility and strength

·      Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

Creating a corporate yoga program for your company:

Eclipse Yoga works with you to create the program that is right for your company.  Yoga can be offered before or after work, during lunch times and shift change times. 

What you supply:

·      A room for yoga practice

·      Participants

What Eclipse supplies:

·     Highly qualified yoga teachers who:
Understand the corporate world
Present themselves professionally
Conduct themselves according to the Yoga Code of Ethics 

·      Music

·      Mats and props (if needed)

We tailor our classes to meet your needs and the needs of your employees.

Your company can also take advantage of our other Corporate Offerings:

·      Boardroom Yoga

·      Workshops

·      Conference Yoga Break

·      Private Instruction

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