Harvest Moon - October Newsletter

This year the Harvest Moon falls on October 5th.  Historically, during the time of this moon, farmers could work later into the night harvesting what they had planted in the Spring, because the full moon rises so early and seems bigger than many other full moons.  The early rising happens several days in a row, making it appear that there are more than one full moon in a row. 

Harvest Moon.jpg


What have you been planting in your life this year?  Are you starting to see the fruits of those seeds.  Whatever seeds we plant in our life, come back to us.  If you plant an apple seed, you get an apple tree.  If you plant seeds of kindness, compassion, generosity you get kindness, compannsion and generosity.  And the same is true of seeds we may not be crazy about harvesting like anger or frustration. 

Think about what you want to happen in your life and start planting the seeds now.

Have a wonderful October!



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Roo Morgan