Paddlefit Classes


What is paddlefit?

This is where exercise (crossfit) meets the water! Looking for a change in your workout? Want to unplug and truly challenge yourself? It’s you finding your edge out in nature. Just being on the boards begins to work the muscles, now add in balance. Have injuries that pound against the payment making your workout painful? Try paddlefit, the give of the water beneath does not create this compression on the joints.

Depending on the location and time of day will determine if it is just water or land on water. You do not have paddling experience to try these classes!

For just water, there are two buoys in the water. Class begins with paddling basics, warm up, then we paddle towards one buoy. This is when the fun begins. You’ll paddle a lap, do 30 push ups, paddle a lap, do 20 mountain climbers, for 4-5 laps. Modifications to the board exercise will be given to meet you level on that day. We’ll reserve the lap (from counter clockwise to clockwise) repeat and then have a cool down. Complete body work out!

For water and land, there is one buoy in the water and a flag on the beach. We start on land with paddling basics, warm up, grab your paddle and paddle around the buoy back to the beach, then inch worm around the flag, paddle another lap, crab crawl on the beach, etc. Again for 4-5 laps, reverse the lap and repeat. Have a cool down.

Paddlefit Schedule and Cost

Paddlefit classes are $25 each. Paddlefit classes are before SUP yoga. If you take Paddlefit and then SUP yoga (on the same day) it is $40 for the combined class. To purchase the combination, you can purchase online with credit card or pay with cash or check day of class. Drop in’s are welcome, but this does not guarantee your spot. Signing up (below) confirms you place. The day of class, if you are thinking of heading out, you can text Roo at 248-866-1095 to see availability.