Here is what you need to bring (at minimum) to the retreat

·       Yoga Mat

·       Swim wear and clothing for SUP (if you’re doing SUP) or going swimming

• Personal hygiene items (toothbrush,  bath soap, shower clogs, etc.), and lots of towels.

• Maps of the area and directions to get here.

• Outdoor/indoor games (there is a sand volleyball court, horseshoes pit and

Croquet area where we are staying).

• Sweatshirt/jacket, flashlight and jeans for at night.

• Raingear. (Yes, the dreaded R-word).

• Spare shoes/boots and lots of socks (they will get wet).

• Medications,  sunscreen, spare glasses, etc.

• Insect repellant, mosquitoes can get bad at night.

•Spare keys, emergency phone numbers.

• Things you may require for whatever day trips your group may be planning.

• Water canteen and compass (if hiking).

• Plastic trash bags (they have a thousand  uses!).