How do I sign up?

Click on offering, click on SUP yoga, click on purchase classes button.  Once you have purchased the class/package, you will receive a receipt for your purchase.  On the receipt is the scheduling page link.  Either click on link, or copy and paste into your browser.  Follow the instructions on the page to sign up.

What if I cannot swim?

Depending on which body of water class is on, this may not be a problem. Contact us ( ahead of time. If it is a requirement for the body of water, then you may be required to take a Eclipse Paddlefit class ahead of time to teach you basic paddling techniques and to see your comfort lever on water. If it’s not a requirement for the body of water that day, we will require you to wear the personal floatation device (PFD) the entire class.  The PFD is not the bulky orange ones you remember from childhood, but ones that you can move in.  You will be asked on your waiver and at the beginning of class if you can swim.  On larger classes, Eclipse will have a water safety person.  This person will be close to you for safety reasons.  We also offer private SUP classes to get more comfortable on the water.  Fill out the contact page for more information.

What should I wear?

Sunblock, secure swimsuit, light clothing (non-cotton, moisture wicking material).

Do I need my own board?

No, board, paddle, leash (depending on class & style) and PFD are included with the class.  

What do I bring and where can I keep things?

Do not bring anything you do not want to get wet.  Eclipse will have a dry bag on board for keys.  Leave valuables in your vehicle.  If wearing hat or sunglasses, have a way to secure them to yourself.

What if it rains?

You are on the water and potential of getting wet.  Which mean we’re OK with rain.  Class will not be cancelled due to rain.  Lightning and high winds will cause the classes to be cancelled and rescheduled.

I’ve never done paddle board before, can I do SUP yoga?

Yes!  Many of our students are new to SUP.  Every class starts with basic SUP instructions and safety review.  It’s a great way to try out SUP.

I’ve never practiced yoga before, can I do SUP yoga?

Of course you can!  Being on the water, the practice is slower and allows you to learn proper balance in poses.  Modifications are given from beginners to experienced.  All levels are welcomed!

What should I expect?

Make sure you arrive on time.  Basic SUP instructions and safety practices are gone over in the beginning of every class.  We will paddle out to a location, anchor, practice yoga and paddle back in.

Can I pay with cash or check?

Absolutely!  Email Roo ( to let us know you're coming and we have space and a board for you.  Can pay with cash or check at the lesson.