Reiki is based on energetic principles and is a beneficial modality to help relieve stress and promote health and wellness.

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What is Reiki:

  • Energy work that promotes deep relaxation
  • We are all made of energy and that energy can become blocked; Reiki helps release those blocks
  • A practice that is starting to be used in hospitals and other medical setting
  • Reiki practitioners believe that much of our healing is self-healing.  Stress reduction can help the body heal itself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long is a session?
    A Reiki session is 45 or 60 minutes
  • What do I wear to a session?
    Whatever you are comfortable in.  You will remain completely clothed for the session.
  • What position am I in for the Reiki session?
    You will be on a massage table.  If laying down for long periods of time is uncomfortable, a chair will work also.
  • What does the Reiki practitioner do during my session?
    The Reiki practitioner will place their hands lightly on the body or over the body.  Reiki can be done with or without physical contact.  
  • What should I tell my Reiki practitioner?
    You can share any physical, mental or emotional concerns. 
    Before or during Reiki, let the practitioner know if you are uncomfortable - need more pillows or bolsters to support you
  • What will I feel during a Reiki session?
    This varies from person to person.  Most people feel deeply relaxed.  Some feel tingling or other sensations during the session.  Sometimes emotions will come up that you aren't expecting.  You can relay any of this to your Reiki practitioner.
  • What will I feel after a Reiki session?
    You may feel very relaxed.  Some people have reported pain relief.

Where are the sessions held:

BodyWorks Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Center . Schedule online at BodyWorks here.
We will come to you.  You will need a quiet space where a massage table will fit.  


60-minute session $60