I first practiced Yoga when I was separated from my 4-year old daughter and husband for a year.  We were in transition from Japan to the USA and they were still in Japan.  Yoga changed my life and helped me through this difficult time.   When they arrived in the USA, I knew that I wanted to share the gifts that yoga has to offer.  I was busy being successful and super mom and never found time to follow my dream.  Although I presented as a confident business woman and mom, deep down I always questioned myself.

Growing up with a verbally and emotionally abusive mother, I never had faith in myself.  I was lucky to have a father who was the exact opposite.  He lifted me up, supported me, loved me and most importantly believed in me.  It was his death that triggered by transformation from corporate career woman to yoga teacher.  I realized as I remembered him, that I never talked about his business success or his possessions, I talked about the ways he touched and influenced people. I realized that my job did not fulfill me and that corporate life was no longer for me.   With this clarity, my priorities shifted to a life that brought me joy, let me be authentically me and share the gifts I have been given in life.

I have been practicing yoga since 2004.  Through good and bad times, yoga has enhanced my life.  Breath is the most important part of yoga class.  Connecting with the breath and life force lets each person find their edge, listen to their body and stay in the moment.   I enjoy practicing and teaching many styles of yoga: Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa and Basic Yoga.  The common thread throughout these, is the focus on the breath and finding your edge; whatever that is for you.

I studied with Brian Granader at Red Lotus Yoga Studio for my 200 hour course.  I have participated in meditation groups and am interested in the yoga philosophy.  Reading books on these topics have lead me to many A-ha moments in my life.

Our abilities and focus change from day to day and moment to moment.  I believe in meeting student’s where they are at the time of the class.  My classes have a safe and nurturing environment where students are free to express themselves and even smile!  I believe that helping people find their edge on the mat and keeping their breath, helps them to deal with life off the mat.  I found taking yoga off the mat helped me have the successful twenty years of management that I had.