Learning is a life-long process.  Whether you have done yoga for years or this is your first yoga experience, there is much to learn.   At Eclipse Yoga we will meet you where you are in your life.  We understand people come to yoga for many reasons and strive to provide classes that meet your needs.




Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga benefits both employers and employees.  It is the classic win-win we are always striving for.  Corporate Yoga can decrease stress and increase employee engagement.  

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Change your your studio and enjoy the beauty of nature.  SUP Yoga is a great way for you to destress, enjoy nature and find balance.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are centered around you.  Each class is tailored for your specific needs and goals.  Private lessons are great for those who have never done yoga as well as seasoned practitioners who have reached a plateau or want to dive in deeper into yoga philosophy or advanced poses.  Private lessons work with your schedule.