Campground rules based on the contract of the campground with the State of Michigan. You must agree to comply with the rules to attend the retreat.

This is from the owners of the campground:
 The  Rules'' are  for our camp. The  State  of Michigan has laid out some  very  plain  rules  that  must  be enforced. I   could  lose  my lease  if not, so these  rules are not negotiable:

  1. Abide  by all the  laws of the State  of Michigan.

  2. No Smoking in any  building at any  time!  (I believe the current law  in the State  of Michigan enforces a ban on smoking on any State property, and  yes. even  though I  hold  the  lease.  this is State  Property).

  3. No dogs  or other  animals are allowed  in any of the  buildings at any  time.   f you  bring  your  pet it will have to be under  your  direct  control  at all times  (on  a leash)  and chained or crated  outside at night.  It would  make  your  vacation, and the vacation of those  around you more  pleasurable if you made  arrangements to have your pet cared  for at home  while you are  here.

  4. Exceptions to rule 3: Personal service dogs/animals (seeing eye dog  etc.).  Dogs/animals used  in presentations for educational purposes.

  5. No tent or RV camping

  6. No motorized vehicles beyond  the  parking lot.

  7. No  high current appliances in the cabins (hot  plates, heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.).  The electrical circuits in the cabins are designed for a 10 amp  load ( 1200  watts). They are  intended for a small  window fan,  radios, clocks etc.  If you  overload  a cabin 's circuit it will  blow a fuse.

  8. No cooking in the cabins

  9. No candles, oil  lamps  or other  sources of flame  or intense heat  in the cabins.

  10. You  will  not display or sell  any  pictures, books, magazines or other products that are  not approved by the  Department Representative (the  man who  enforces my lease).

  11. No fireworks, firearms, air guns, sling shots or  bows  and  arrows not part of a program or class. The exception to this  is during the September 15 through March  31  hunting season , when  hunters (those with  valid  hunting licenses) may  legally possess firearms within  the camp. No Hunting Within The Camp.

  12. Alcohol. If you are 21 or over, you  are allowed to bring your  own  alcohol for your  own  personal consumption  in moderation. Drunk  and /or disorderly persons will  not be tolerated and  will be asked to vacate the  premises.

    OK already! Enough  of the State  rules!  Here  are our  (the owners of the campground)rules:
    1. Respect your  fellow  campers. They  are on vacation too!
    2.     Do not remove the Dining Hall tables and  benches from  the  Dining Hall.
    3.     Respect the Outdoor Center Property. Please  leave  it as you found it so the  next  user can enjoy  it as much  as you  did!  . If you accidentally broke  something please  come and  tell  me. I   won’t  bite you . I  just  want  to repair  it as soon  as possible.
    4.     Use common sense. If it doesn't seem  right,  it probably isn't!!!
    5.    You're on  VACATION!!! Have  FUN
    Rick  and  Mary